Wednesday, November 27, 2019

My book reviews

There is a new book out from one of my favorite authors. Jennifer Hartely Hearts Afire has launched today. I have completed a quick read in order to get a review posted for her.

Hearts Afire
By Jennifer Hartley
      I have read several of Ms. Hartley’s books and have loved the attention about relationships, she puts in writing. Jennifer Hartley has done it again, Hearts Afire has the steam this author is known for; but, also brings us a book that is filled with a new beginning to a relationship, that deepens the characters relationship that has been lingering. 
     This will not be my normal review, just a fast-typed review for the release of her wonderful book; more to come later. I wanted to post my personal feelings in a review as soon as this book was posted, and help other readers find a wonderful book. I give this book, after a quick (first) read a rating of 4-stars. Well done.

Readers can find her book at Amazon, here is a link
Another Author I like to read J. L. Myers, in the books that I have read of her she has taken stories of the bible and recreated them adding other details making it worth reading. Not that the bible is not worth reading; because it is as well.

by J. L. Myers
Fallen Angel 1: Ashes of Eden is a beautiful romance novel with an astonishing storyline that is filled with so much emotion and depth. An incredible storyline that vaguely follows along with biblical creations; yet it is so well written it manages to surprise the reader in ways that could never be thought possible with the many trials and hardships that the characters had to endure and those tender moments they shared. 
The characters are well-developed, that the readers can relate with through each emotion journey. With an amazing heroine that is an independent woman who stood on her own feet and is such a sweetheart; she saw the leading male for who he was, and she cared about the good and bad in him. Extraordinary characters that endure so many hardships and yet, they stick it out and love each other; regardless of their flaws and mistakes to get the HEA. 
J. L. Myers words are well written and flowed beautifully with tons of chemistry between her characters, and even created a unique take on an angel that is typically considered to be a villain, an anti-hero, showing both the good and bad. J. L. Myers has a writing skill that is so poetic; conveying the emotions of the characters so well that  the reader feels as if they are a part of the story. “Well done!”
Fallen Angel 1: Ashes of Eden is an amazing first installment to a beautiful and romantic, 5-book paranormal romance fantasy series, I am excited and cannot wait to read Fallen Angel book 2: Dawn of Reckoning. Then on to Fallen Angel book 3: Breaking Lucifer, which sounds amazing also. Continuing the series with Fallen Angel book 4:Cold-Blooded Fate and ending the series with Fallen Angel book 5: Falling Stars. I am a huge JL Myers fan, my obsession with her story began with her Blood Bond series and it has never stopped! J. l. Myers has created a start to her series that gets a 4.5-star rating and gifted me a copy of her first book and I am freely posting my thoughts and feeling on her book. Her books can also be found on Amazon.

I am really loving the Prosperity series by David Berens, he has a very strong female character in this series. Gives a new look at not only the world of Forensic Science; but a woman's ability to be good in this field of work. Well done Mr. David Berens
                                                 Raising Prosperity
                                                   by David Berens
 Humor flourishes in Raising Prosperity, a clever story; but not what you would think this book is about from the title. The plot of Raising Prosperity has it all; this is a page-turner filled with intrigue, twists and turns, suspense, action-packed, and a cozy little murder mystery; keeping the readers interest from page one. A book and series for those wanting to be entertained, intrigued; while their brain is tickled start reading and enjoying the Prosperity series by David Berens. The quirky comedy is a perfect stress-free read,  light and fluffy. 
The characters of the Prosperity series have a worldly wisdom and you cannot but love them. Really remarkable characters, interacting in ways that make them come alive. Our heroine is gutsy, smart and funny at the same time; has the role of a forensic service consultant with the PD, in forensic pathology and investigator and is assisting in solving a murder. One male a Detective Sargent of the Martha’s Vineyard Police Department, a source of extraneous information on life and more, coupled with a handsome Business Management student and volunteer fireman, make this book filled with testosterone.
Raising Prosperity is a clever story written by a talented author, David Berens. The Author is a genius and has done a fantastic job at bringing the story and the characters to life. The authors writing styles and storytelling creates a book that begs to be read in one sitting, and when a book complete leaves the reader wanting to read the next in the series. I was attracted to this series by David Berens' name and to this book by the very cool cover. I have to say that I was interested in this second book in the very first chapter, I was grinning, and chuckling throughout the book.

Raising Prosperity was a very fun read, had a fun time reading it and I am looking forward the next two books furthering the adventures of Prosperity. I enjoyed the interaction of the characters in this new series from the first book Finding Prosperity and I am sure that the feeling will continue throughout the rest of the series. I expect nothing less though from this author, this is a gem; I highly recommend this book and series are a must read. As a beta reader, I am willing to write reviews for the authors to help spread the news of their books. I rate this book and the author both with a 4.5-star rating. 

Thursday, November 21, 2019

           Writing is an art form, that many of have used in various forms for the viewing public. Not just in books that we can read and enjoy. I have loved reading my whole life, as a young girl I was introduced to Nancy Drew books. Then as I grew, so did the types of books in which I took refuge in from the world. Now as a grown woman, I enjoy a wide variety of genre. And it is here that I will share with those who chose to read this blog, my thoughts and feelings about the books that I read.

Many time what reviewers write in their posts, is just a condensed version of the authors story. That does not help readers to find new authors to read. Some that they may even enjoy reading. Not everyone wants to buy a book, only to find out that it is not what they had been looking for. I have done that many times, the blurb sounded good; but once I started to read the story... 

That is where book reviewers come in to play, we help readers find new authors by sharing what we think about the book and the authors writing skills. Just as it should be. The authors spend so much of their time creating their works of art (books), that they deserve more than to have someone come along and repeat their own words.  It is frustrating for me, and I am sure that it is equally frustrating for authors to find this happening. I have had several authors email me, thanking me for taking the time to write the types of reviewers that I do. And it makes me feel very good that I have touched the authors lives in that way. And I will continue to do what I feel is the right thing to do for the authors out there.